Three Examples Of Psychic Phenomena

There are many kinds of psychic or paranormal experiences. Finding out more about a few of them can add depth and interest to our lives as spiritual beings. This article will focus on three types of spirit manifestation.

By Miranda Bonham

I’m an individual who is fascinated with all kinds of psychic happenings and experiences. There is a wide range of paranormal manifestations that for many people are natural, for others it’s just unbelievable. I do think almost anyone can think of at least one instance in their lives where the supernatural has touched them in some way. I’ve written this article to talk about a few kinds of phenomena that especially interests me. Some I have been lucky to have had direct experience with.

Have you ever seen ghost or spirit orbs? If you have ever had floating, circular balls of light phenomena appear in photographs or video then you’ve seen an orb. Often they are caused by natural things in the air like dust, pollen or water. Others are harder to explain, and those are thought to be made of spirit energy. Spirits or ghost are thought to travel in the form of orbs as a speedy way of travel. Some appear to have faces, and some are very colorful. They can appear in a range of color and sometimes more than one color. If you can at least try to rule out natural causes, you might find you’ve got a spiritual orb photo or video. Some people believe orbs are sometimes Angels. Often paranormal researchers will record these mysterious,traveling round balls of light at the many haunted places they go to.

Ghost photography is another great paranormal phenomenon. One of the most famous photos of an apparition, and one thought to absolutely not be a fake, is the Brown Lady of Raynam Castle. She appears on a staircase at Raynam, and in 1936 was caught on film descending a staircase. She appears in what looks like a brown dress, and a cape. The figure is about fifty percent solid. It is clearly the figure of a woman. Many fake ghost photographs have been taken through the years, but there are some, like the Brown Lady, that are thought to be true images of spirits. Seeing a spirit in person, you might put the experience down to your imagination, or even wonder if your eyes were playing tricks on you. But when you get a photograph ruled out as any sort of fraud then it goes a long way to help many people understand there is life after “death”.

Another fascinating ghostly phenomena is mediumism. A medium is a person who can communicate with spirits. There are different methods, for example clairaudience, which is the ability to hear spirit voices, and there is full trance mediumship. A full trance medium is the phenomena of a spirit speaking through the lips of a living person. Some trance mediums, like Ethel Johnson Myers, have done many years of trance and the details of their communications was wonderful proof of contact with the souls who have left their bodies and continue on with life in the world of spirit. Mrs. Myers used to work with Hans Holzer, a psychic researcher. Edgar Cayce is another example of a full trance medium.

These are only a few short examples of the amazing mysteries and manifestations of psychic phenomena. There are many more categories to explore, and a whole world of information about the many topics associated with the psychic world.

Miranda Bonham is a writer who is fascinated with the paranormal. She enjoys writing learning about various related subjects, sometimes using her own direct experiences in her writings.You can visit her website at and more here,

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